When purchasing specialized athletic apparel or equipment, having a knowledgeable person assists you with the process is a breath of fresh air in this age of Big Box or the Internet. For over 70  years in business, the Elmwood Sports Center has never lost that passion for customer service which separates this Family Owned and Operated store from every other in the State of Rhode Island and beyond.

With well over 100 years of industry experience available at any time during working hours, you can be sure that your questions will be answered with a personal touch while providing you with the best names in the Apparel and Equipment business! Whatever your budget may be, The Marocco Family will make every effort to get you the best product that money can buy within a reasonable time frame. If that time frame is missed, you can be assured that The Marocco Family will go above and beyond to make sure you are a satisfied customer.

That’s why most if not all statewide leagues, businesses and organizations continue to find their way back to the family oriented service and care offered each year to the local youth leagues, colleges, and adult programs. Like any other store, we are bound to make mistakes but openly admit our shortcomings while working much harder to correct any and all errors immediately.

You may ask why we go the extra mile for me or my family. The answer simple, we appreciate your business and hope our superior quality and service will make you a customer and friend for many years to come! You are not just a number and we treasure the many friendships we have made over so many years in business.

While we strive to keep that warm family oriented personality, The Marocco Family has invested in this business to give every customer the services of in house screen printing, embroidery and the most up to date graphic designs customized while you wait! How many Apparel, Athletic and Equipment stores offer the customer this level of service? The answer is simply none!

So if you are looking for fancy glitz, wall sized posters with overpriced inventory then we are not for you. But if you are looking for the best apparel and sports equipment at a reduced price with a family smile and care, then stop into The Elmwood Sports Center,

where The Marocco Family of Steven, Matt, Mark, and Jim will treat you like one of the family.