1553 Elmwood Avenue | Cranston, Rhode Island, 02910

Sam Arlia and his wife Ann established Elmwood Sports Center in 1949. It was originally a bait and tackle and firearms store, the largest in the area. Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox was a good friend of the owners and would frequent the shop on a regular basis. Over the years as the times changed and the neighborhood kids needed uniforms for their various sports teams, the store entered the team uniform business.

As time passed and the business grew, we began to segway from bait and tackle and moved towards the team sporting goods business. Around this time, the original owner sold his business to two young gentlemen who worked for him for many years, Al Rossi and Domenic Piscopiello. They owned the business as a team for over 12 years, and they grew the business from a neighborhood sports shops into one of the largest team sporting goods stores in the state. In the summer of 1991, Domenic decided to sell his shares to Steven Marocco, a young businessman from the construction world. 

Over the next 13 years, he and Al grew the business to a level that dwarfed anything that they had done before. Building their reputation on impeccable customer service and the best pricing in New England.

Led by Steven's boisterous personality, Elmwood Sports became a place where everyone felt like a friend and not a customer. In 2005, Al decided it was time to retire, thus leaving this ever expanding business in the hands of Steven Marocco. Around the same time, Steven made some drastic changes in the way he operates his business. Doing more production in house so he had more control over time and quality over his products. This allowed him to have an even shorter turnaround time on his orders and reduced costs, which he passed on to his ever expanding customer base.

In a short 8 years, he has grown from the largest sporting good store in RI, to one of the largest in New England. 

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